Tailor-made system solutions for the corrugating industry

Erhardt+Leimer Corrugated is a specialist for innovative products for the control and process automation of corrugators. The product portfolio comprises systems for the wet and dry end area of the corrugator. Recently, reliable inspection systems for corrugated board production and further processing have been added to the portfolio.

E+L systems guarantee cost savings through the automation of the production process, quality assurance and waste reduction. All the system solutions can be included in new corrugators but can also be retrofitted into existing lines.

Local proximity of a global partner

The global market presence of Erhardt+Leimer for the corrugating industry is coordinated centrally in Bielefeld, supported by a decentralized sales organization. Through the cooperation with the international subsidiary companies and trade representatives in all the key industrial nations, Erhardt+Leimer ensures local proximity to the customer.

With its well-rounded product portfolio and tailor-made solutions, Erhardt+Leimer Corrugated is your experienced partner for the corrugating industry. No matter what your specific task is: With our innovative, tailor-made solutions, you will not only improve your quality, but will also increase your productivity. 

Systematically to more efficiency!

Erhardt+Leimer systems - that means rationalization, automation and quality assurance in the corrugating industry. During the entire production process - from the unwinding to the finished format - the paper webs are converged and aligned. For the control systems to meet the individual requirements of the international customers from the corrugating industry, the solutions are made up of multifunctional, modular units. The product spectrum ranges from systems for automatic web guiding, through control systems to optimize the web tension, up to automatic adjustment/setting of all the key production parameters.

This product portfolio has recently been supplemented with innovative inspection systems for the corrugated and converting industry..

PRODUCT OVERVIEW for the corrugating industry