Flexible web guiding technology for the hygiene industry

The hygiene industry uses highly complex processes to manufacture a range of articles, which are an essential part of our daily lives. At ever increasing speeds, materials such as spunbonds, cellulose, mesh fabrics, films and strips are combined to make a finished end product.  Erhardt+Leimer develops systems for the hygiene industry, fulfilling the synchronization of all production lines over all the process steps, while maintaining the highest quality.

Web guiding, web tension measurement and web tension control from a single source

Whether feminine hygiene products, diapers or wet wipes - Erhardt+Leimer's solutions are the first choice in the hygiene industry.  With perfectly matched and tried and trusted components, our control and measuring systems allow an increase in efficiency while maintaining the highest quality. It is the networking of all the systems that makes the close matching of all the production steps in real time possible.

These systems for the hygiene industry allows minimization of the down times and an increase in the production speed. Erhardt+Leimer's customers thus can meet the increasing competitive and price pressure with ease. With the forward-looking further development of the systems for the hygiene industry, Erhardt+Leimer is setting new benchmarks on the market.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW for the hygiene industry