Actuating drive WSS 51

Product description
  • Electrical actuating drive with powerful DC motor, low play planetary gear and precise ball screw
  • Pivoting construction with stable stand and flange mounting
  • Integrated incremental encoder for turning speed and position acquisition
  • Integrated reference encoder for the calibration of the position
Technical Specifications
  AG 25/AG 26
Positional accuracy < ±0.2 mm (material-dependent)
Nominal actuating value, mechanical ±25/50/75/100 mm
±25/50/75/100/150 mm
Nominal actuating value, electrical ±23/48/73/98 mm
±23/48/73/98/148 mm
Nominal actuating speed 24 mm/s, 10 mm/s
15 mm/s, 7.5 mm
Nominal actuating force 1000 N, 2500 N/ 3000 N, 5300 N
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C

Operating voltage

Nominal value

Nominal range

Nominal range with power supply


24 V DC

20-30 V DC

115-460 V 50/60 Hz

Current consumption Max. 3.8 A DC (manual sensor pos.)
Current consumption Max. 5.3 A DC (1 positioning drive)
Protection class IP 54
Weight 7.9 kg/ 13.4 kg
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