ELClean Dust Removal System

Product description

Supply of clean, dust free sheets to the post-print machines contributes to two major goals of box producers. Firstly, dust free sheets ensure that the amount of stop time, required to clean the printing plates, is dramatically reduced, resulting in increased conversion productivity. Secondly, the absence of dust on the corrugated sheets creates the correct condition for the highest possible post-print quality whilst ensuring that customer complaints, due to dust associated print issues, are minimised.

The ELClean Dust Removal System is a non-contact cleaning system which en- sures that the sheets leaving the corruga- tor are free from dust.
Positioned after the slitter scorer, the compact cleaning heads include an antistatic system to release the dust particles, and a vacuum system which removes the dust particles from the board. 

The ELClean system includes cleaning heads which are automatically positioned in reference to the board caliper and automatic filter cleaning, resulting in a highly automated solution.

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Post Print Quality
  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Improved Facility Cleanliness
Technical Specifications
Working width [mm] 1.800-2.800 mm

Ambient temperature

10° – 50° C

Air volume (at engine) 3000 m³/h
Voltage  400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Energy consumption 4.0 kW
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