ELCorruMatic CCM | Corrugator Control Management

Product description

The ELCorruMatic CCM (Corrugator Control Management) System ensures maximum conversion productivity, optimum finished box performance and minimum cost of production of corrugated board. 

The ELCorruMatic interface allows the CCM System to pre-set the important order specific parameters and controls in the corrugating process. The CCM System then utilises a number of closed loop control systems in order to control the process in reference to the actual condition of the paper. Closed loop automation of the numerous controls in the corrugating process results in a much faster reaction to changes in the properties of the papers, helping to ensure that the quality of the board is as high as possible and consistent. 

Automation of the corrugating process also creates the correct condition for reducing the cost of production. In addition to reducing paper waste, corrugated producers constantly strive to apply the minimal glue film required to achieve the correct bonding performance, but as with any manually adjustment, the lack of control makes this impossible to achieve and the result is that additional glue is applied, which then requires additional energy to cure the glue. The CCM System controls the various glue gaps to ensure minimum glue application, which in addition to reducing the cost of starch, also reduces energy costs associated with removing excess moisture.

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Corrugator Productivity
  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Increased Finished box performance