ELTrac Single Facer Guiding System

Product description

The ELTrac Single Facer Guiding System ensures automatic, accurate and instantaneous alignment of the papers in the single faced web which creates the correct conditions for the slitter scorer to run with the minimum side trim width. Automation of the alignment process at the single facer allows the operator to focus on the production of the single faced web and prepare the reels and splicers for the next reel change.

Due the many differing layouts of single facers and surrounding equipment, the ELTrac system is available in two variants, as explained below. Furthermore, both systems can utilise either a Vertical or Cube type ELTrac guiding unit, which can be installed in a number of differing positions and orientations to facilitate integration into the corrugator whilst providing exactly the same functionality and system performance.

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Reduced Alignment Waste
  • Reduced Trim / Increased Deckel Utilisation
  • Full Width Starch Application
  • Reduced Machine Stop Time
Technical Specifications
Max. Machine Speed 500 m/min
Max. Paper Width 3300 mm
Guiding Accuracy at the Exit of System +/- 1 mm