TensionMaster Bridge Brake System

Product description

The E+L Complete Paper Alignment System includes the TensionMaster Bridge Brake System to ensure optimum control of machine direction board shape, which is a key requirement for maximum conversion productivity. The TensionMaster features a closed loop tension control system to ensure that target tension values are achieved, regardless of influencing factors such as a change of bridge volume or a speed change. The TensionMaster can be configured with a pneumatic brake or a servo drive to ensure that various process and product factors which create excessive pre-tension do not impact the quality of the finished board. The servo drive also functions as a threading aid to assist the operators when threading up the corrugator.

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Corrugator Control System Compatible
  • Low Maintenance
Technical Specifications
Max. machine speed 500 m/min                      
Max. paper width 3300 mm

TensionMaster Options

Pneumatic Brake 100 daN braking force
Pneumatic Brake + 150 daN braking force
Servo Drive 150 daN braking force
Servo Drive + 200 daN braking force