TrimMaster Slitter Scorer Guiding System

Product description

The TrimMaster Slitter Scorer Guiding System is the key to enabling the slitter scorer to run with minimum side trim. The TrimMaster includes a Web Stabilisation Device which ensures that the side trim width is constant, which allows it to be reduced to the minimum width. In the case of pre-print production, the function and performance of the TrimMaster ensures that the required slit to print accuracy is constantly achieved.  

The TrimMaster also contributes to reducing the overall paper waste as a result of eradicating the ‘tail-out’ waste which is created every time the rotary shear is used.

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Automatic Pre-Print Recognition
  • Minimum Trim Capability 
  • Elimination of Tail Out Waste
Technical Specifications
Max. Machine Speed 500 m/min
Max. Paper Width 3300 mm
Guiding Accuracy at TrimMaster Actuator +/- 1 mm 
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