The ELCLEAN Sytem is an automatic, non-contact board and sheet cleaning system. The newly designed double sided cleaning head comprise of two vacuum zones (entry and exit zone) and an air knife zone (center zone). The air knife zone houses our antistatic bar, which eliminates any static charge on the running web/sheet. The simultaneous high velocity air stream blows dust particles to the entry and exit side of the head, which then vacuum the contaminated air off. In the automatic filter fan unit, the dust is removed and the air is circulated back to the air knife sections of the head. The system automatically recognizes web height changes due to flute caliper or single to double wall changes, and then adjusts the head distance accordingly.

At order change, the head moves automatically to its park position to avoid tail in jams. A state off the art touch screen operations unit displays system status and enables the operator to manually operate the equip¬ment. ELCLEAN can furthermore be linked to our ELCorruMatic corrugator automation system, in order to be operated and status displayed through its multi-use touch screens.


Area of use

Contactless Cleaning of Corrugated Sheets.



In the Corrugator Dry-End after the Cross Cutter.

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